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Avoid direct sunlight during midday. They won't tolerate a lot of strong direct sunlight. On the other hand, they do not do well in deep shade either. Light shade and filtered sunlight is best. From Storz and Bickel: Company warrants solely to the original purchaser of the Products that for the warranty period. Like many other Dutch Passion strains, Ortega Indica is only available as a feminised seed strain. Outdoor growers can expect yields close to 200 g per plant, depending on the amount of sunlight. Extra caution is needed if grown outdoors, as the plant is sensitive to bugs, irrigation or general weather difficulties, all of which affect the crop.

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 We have a reputed list  of customers  around the globe and we have serviced and partnered with them for long. The empty hard capsules are supplied as an excipient that is filled by pharmaceutical manufacturers with a variety of different formulations and products. To understand the potential variations of the empty hard capsules as an input parameter and its potential impact on the finished product.

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